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Applying For A Record Suspension Using Pardon Services From Toronto

Applying For A Record Suspension Using Pardon Services From TorontoIf you have been a convicted of a crime, but have since turned your life around, it may be a good time to consider applying for a record suspension (formerly known as a pardon). A record suspensionkeeps a judicial record of a conviction separate and apart from other criminal records, giving law abiding citizens an opportunity to remove the stigma and disqualifications associated with having a criminal record. For people with a criminal past, routine traffic stops can become highly stressful, especially if the officer does a quick background check and finds a blemish on your public record. Travel plans and career paths can also be derailed due to the presence of a criminal conviction on your record. Only law abiding citizens who have served their sentences, paid their fines, and exhibited crime-free behaviour for the duration of their allotted waiting period are eligible to apply for a record suspension. For people looking for help take the stress out of applying for a record suspension, there are pardon services in Toronto that generate and process all of the necessary documents related to the ten-step application process.  Pardons Canada, a national non-profit organization head office located at Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto, has been helping people obtain pardons and record suspensions for over 25 years.  Pardon Canada’s counsellors are available to understand your present situation and explain how they can help to remove your criminal record.



Will A Record Suspension Erase My Conviction?


A record suspension allows law abiding citizens the opportunity to reintegrate into society and become contributing members of their respective communities by ensuring that record of the conviction is kept separate and apart from other criminal records. In other words, once a record suspension is granted, your criminal record cannot be made available to the public.  When a criminal background check is conducted for volunteering or employment purposes or when traveling across the US border, your criminal record will no longer be seen.  If a CPIC or RCMP file is ordered after a record suspension, nothing will show up on the report.



I Have A DUI On My Record. Should I Apply For A Record Suspension?


Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. The province of Ontario remains a leader in combating impaired driving through instituting some of the toughest laws and programs in North America. Even if you were not convicted of a DUI offence, being charged with impaired driving will still show up in the police system.

For drivers looking to erase a DUI from their public record, it can be a lengthy process. In Canada, a person convicted of impaired driving can only apply for a record suspension five full years after you’ve paid the fine to the police for your conviction. After a time period of five years has passed, given that a driver has no repeat offences and a willingness to pay the associated processing fees, the impaired driving charge can be removed from their record. Otherwise, the criminal record will remain there forever.


How Can I Remove My Criminal Record?

Recent rule changes have made it more difficult for people with convictions to receive a record suspension, however, there are services in Toronto and across Canada dedicated to helping individuals in removing a past criminal offence from public record. While it is not necessary to have a lawyer or a representative file on your behalf, it greatly reduces the chances for error or misrepresentation on your application. Pardons Canada will gather and process all of the documentation necessary to help clear your public record, taking the stress and hassle out of the application process.

My stolen identity used to sell objects on eBay

I am writing to thank Jessica A. for helping me get my pardon.  The parole board requested more supporting information in regards to my stolen identity to prove I wasn't the individual.  Jessica immediately contacted me to organize a proper and well organized response. We worked through it and with her experience and guidance, coupled with the understanding and ability, after 9 long years, my pardon was granted because of her advice.

I would certainly recommend Pardons Canada to anyone who needs this type of service. This institution is instrumental in aiding anyone who requires assistance with their criminal file.  Having such an established and experienced team, was important in rebuilding my life.  Pardons Canada has restored my life and I feel reborn. 

I sincerely thank you for your services and for helping me reach this life-changing objective.  I will be forever grateful.
-Paul C.

Where can I travel to while I'm awaiting my Pardon/Record Suspension

I spoke to a client today who is in the process of getting a Pardon/Record Suspension but wanted to know what countries he and his wife could travel to this winter where his criminal record won't be an issue.
I let him know that as far as we know it's only the Americans that have access to our RCMP or CPIC files so they can do a criminal check and see that you have a criminal record.  Any other country should be fine as they do not necessarily do criminal checks.  We have heard that to get an Australia visa they do a criminal background check so it may be wise to avoid that country as well.  Once your pardon is granted, as long as you’ve never been denied entry to the US, then you will be safe to travel.


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